Format Festival ” Habitat”         Small Print Company            24th March –  23th April   2017

Journey Festival International (Leicester)                               21st Aug –  1rd September 2017

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery (Leicester)                      1st Sep 2017 – 3rd Sep 2017
Outpost, Portland                                                                    17th June    –  1st July  2017
Poole Museum                                                                        24th June   2017
Dorchester Market                                                                  28th June 2017
Bridport Market                                                                       1st July   2017
Bournemouth University (Festival of Learning)                       8th July  2017

Circulation Festival, Paris                                                        17 March – 6th May 2018



B-side Assemblies; Theme of Art and Activism, how artists are responding to social and political change in times of crisis.

Platforma Festival, Newcastle and with Counterpoints Arts.

Journey Festival in Leicester; Artist Conversation, Ethics Through a Lens, What are the challenges of capturing personal stories through a lens.

Amnesty International,  London and with Counterpoints Arts.