Our world today is divided into various borders and boundaries; human beings have created them over the many centuries to hold a better control and restriction over the population. Without our own accord or personal choice, we are born in different parts of the world thus determining from the day of our birth till our death -our title, nationality, religion and etc.

Harar – City of God
Harar – considered “the fourth holy city” of Islam – was built between the 13th and 16th centuries. In 2003 UNESCO awarded the City of Peace Prize to Harar, a small city of 99,000 people, also known as the “City of Saints.” It is an ancient centre of Muslim learning where a grand mosque, an Orthodox church, and a Catholic church all sit at the centre of the walled city.

Wonderland Of Iran

Iran (Persia), one of the oldest cradles of civilizations and the cross road of many cultures may be looked upon as a wonderland. It has survived the most bloodthirsty destructive foreign invasions from Alexander of Macedonia, to Arabs, to the Mongolian Chengiz Kahn, to Colonialist and Neo-Colonialist and recently we can say Digital-Neo-Colonialist British and American interventions, as well as ruthless bloodthirsty native conquerors.


Sonapur (City of Gold in Hindi), which is not on the map, is now accommodation for more than 150,000 workers, mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and china. They rest until their shift comes up. They usually work 14 hours where in summer the temperature goes over 50 degree. Conversely, it is usually advised for western tourists not to stay outside more than five minutes in summer. Every evening, the hundreds of thousands of young men who build the city are bussed from their sites to a vast concrete wasteland.

Children, Cancer and the Crab of Sanctions

The real victims of the escalating economic sanctions imposed on Iran are ordinary people and not the men of power. Although US and European Union claimed that the sanctions would not include Humanitarian Aid, a glance at the real immediate outcomes makes one wonder what these powers really mean by Humanitarianism.