I am an Iranian photographer and artist living in the UK since 2013. My work is a reflection of what is happening around me and my journey through life; things that I have experienced or struggled with, things from my past and present. My work focuses on memory and displacement, this is because I’ve always felt displaced and have lived with my memories from home and my past. I make art through a collaborative approach with the community, engaging and inviting them to participate in my process so they become part of my journey.
My practice has developed from documentary photography to social engaged work that engages with audiences in the public sphere and shares stories across visual mediums. Through my work I aim to give people the power of image-making so that they can express themselves through photography and tell their own stories. In recent years I have incorporated sculptures ( displaced objects ) into my work to further engage people in conversation.

Education :

University of Arts London , Master degree on Documentary photography and photojournalism 2013.


2019 PORTRAIT OF A CITY, Leicester collaborative work with Sibomana.
2019 Stamps to Elsewhere, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.
2019 Stamps to Elsewhere, Journeys Festival, Leicester, UK.
2018 Stamps to Elsewhere, Look up Project, Journeys Festival, Leicester, UK.
2018 Kamre – e – Faoree, B-Side Festival, Dorset. St George’s church.
2018 Afghan Camera, Tate Modern, London, UK.
2018  Shahre Farang, Circulation Festival, Paris, France.     
2017  Shahre Farang, Format Festival ”Habitat”, Small Print Company, Derby.   
2017  Shahre Farang, Journey Festival International, Leicester.
2017  Shahre Farang, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester.  
2017 Shahre Farang and Uncertain, Outpost, Portland.
2017 Shahre Farang, Poole Museum.
2017 Shahre Farang, Dorchester Market, Weymouth.
2017 Shahre Farang, Bridport Market,Weymouth.
2017 Shahre Farang and uncertain, Bournemouth University.
2015  Uncertain, TATE Britain, Digital Sharing event and exhibition.
2015  Uncertain . Format International Festival Derby.
2013  Four Corners Gallery, Matt Roberts Arts Project space, London, UK.
2013  31º LCC MA Photojournalism Final Show, university of arts, London.
2013  SU Gallery, University of Arts, London.
Format Festival  Quad , Derby  2018.
B-side Assemblies; Theme of Art and Activism, how artists are responding to social and political change in times of crisis.
Platforma Festival, Newcastle and with Counterpoints Arts.
Journey Festival in Leicester; Artist Conversation, Ethics Through a Lens, What are the challenges of capturing personal stories through a lens.
Amnesty International,  London and with Counterpoints Arts.